Supplements for your dog

With PrimeVal’s dietary supplements, your dog gets the daily support he needs.


The nutritional supplements provide a high-quality supplement to the daily diet. For example, PrimeVal has nutritional supplements that support your dog in maintaining healthy bones and joints, but also supplements that work stress-reducing. Click on a nutritional supplement to go directly to the product information: Gelatinaat, Puppy Gelatinaat, Omega 3-6-9, StressLess, ColonFlora. The dietary supplements will be delivered to you within two business days.

Supplements for your horse

PrimeVal has an outstanding range of complementary foods, specially formulated to bring and maintain your horse in optimal condition.


Varied from basic supplements such as a good multipurpose product, for example for smooth joints, healthy and shiny coat and less stress. PrimeVal’s products are of course guaranteed and free from doping-related contaminants!

PrimeVal’s success has also remained unnoticed abroad. Many domestic and foreign top riders in the hippic sports disciplines dressage, jumping, eventing, full and reining are now using PrimeVal products.